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Order your admission tickets here:  NW Colonial Festival Tickets (2016 is past)

Where the mountains roll down to the sea

All proceeds from your $10 ticket will be donated to charity!

In this educational effort, history will come alive! Yes, the Red Coats are coming! The Battle on Lexington Green will be fought at 11 30 AM each day. The Battle of Concord on the Old North Bridge will be at 2:30 PM. Come on Thursday to beat the crowds, or join us on Friday, Saturday or Sunday. Your ticket will be good for the entire weekend.

The National Guard Art
A full scale replica of the Concord Bridge has been constructed for the event.

You may also pre-purchase your t-shirt with this event artwork.  A limited number of these t-shirts have been ordered, so advance purchase is suggested to reserve your size(s). We will hold your t-shirts for you to pick-up in the gift shop when you arrive.

Also on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, afternoon tea will be served on the Inn’s enclosed oceanfront piazza. Tea Reservations are required (link will take you to the Washington Lavender Festival reservation page where you can make your reservations, purchase tea tickets, or purchase your t-shirts).

Order your admission tickets here:  NW Colonial Festival (2016 is past)

NW Colonial Festival Brochure


Together we can build a bridge!

old north bridge flood

The “Old North Bridge” replica needs your help! Each plank and timber of this bridge is important for the reenactment of the Battles of Lexington and Concord to happen this summer. Whether you can give a lot of just a dollar, it will help make this educational link to our nation’s important history a reality here in the Northwest. The British Regulars are coming from as far away as Arizona, and the Militia are making plans to be here for this “can’t miss” event in the lavender fields of George Washington Inn and Estate. Choose your level of support and take home our appreciation gift to you! Click on the link below or here to help make this possible.


Donation link: